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Meet The NDC Construction
Company Team
Ronald J. Allen
Gary L. Huggins
Executive Vice President
Jason Bartz
Vice President of Development
Charles Scott
Senior Vice President
Adam Phillips
Vice President
Kevin Kirkwood
Vice President
Gail Palazzola
CFO/Vice President of Accounting
Bill Kanasky
Brando Fetzek
Project Manager
Carolyn Greene
Chris Gray
Project Manager
David Moore
David Partridge
Eric Soderber
Frank Bobko
Greg Hodge
Project Manager
Jen Ott
Jim Bendel
Jim Melvin
Jim Miller
JImmie Rogers
John Swass
Karla Krause
Kevin Kloepfer
Project Manager
Khalid Allbban
Kyle Huggins
Project Manager
Linda Snyder
Mariano Ayala
Matt Richardson
Mike Hollowell
Rory Guilfoy
Spencer Hodges
Tristan Lowry
Project Manager
Our Team